Secrets to Youthdom

Surprisingly, the main thing I took away from my first visit to the dispensary was figuring out my secrets to youth. It all started when Zenon* asked to see my I.D. Whoa you girls look insanely good for your age Zenon remarked. I’ll admit my first thought was, GOOD FOR MY AGE? Hello, im 27 not 80. But then for the following week I started to think, what are my secrets to looking young besides being young. I managed to narrow it down to just four things that i’ll share with you.

1.) Eating deep fried chicken skins and drinking Con Pannas: South Korean girls and Italians can both attest to this.

2.) Biking to work: Not just for exercise, but to provide immense satisfaction as you pass car after car in your easy breezy beautiful bike lane silently heckling all the dum dums.

3.) Lifting weights and avoiding all gym cardio like the plague.

4.) Crying: Crying is cathartic and so is yoga, so therefore 5 minutes of crying equals one yoga class.**

*Names have been changed, because i couldn’t remember them.
**And just know, if no one reads this I just get some free *yoga classes*.

photo credit: more from Marcelo Monreal visit and

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