Reign of The Self

How many of you know someone who seems to do everything yet nothing at all? Self-employed, yet employed. Has money, but pays for nothing. Asks for everything but gives nothing. Praises the visceral self. Struts to the beat of selfishness and is impervious to acts of selflessness.

“There comes a time when you realize you have to just stop caring about what others around you say or do, put the blinders on, and just do you. The rest will come”

Enter the Reign of the Self. This millennium started with the rise of the self-help human; The Power of Now; How To Win Friends and Influence People; Think and Grow Rich; The Magic of Thinking Big; The Secret. Look at all those bibliophiles carving out velvet thrones for themselves in the ever-expanding self-help aisles of Chapters. Enter the illusory power of every mad king before you. What the king wants, the king will get! The magic of the universe will bring the Sovereign a beautiful palace, many carriages, and exotic treasures. The ‘Secret’ is to ask, and the universe will bring it to you. Enter the serf, the peasant, the conscripted, the refugee, the immigrant, the exploited. The universe does not bring things magically. It is and has always been the labour of the people. The machine that moves the world is the joints and the tendons of hard working individuals. Every request you make will come from a human. Putting on blinders is not just alluding to ignorance but leads to that of gradual attrition of labour and corporeal rights that countless others died fighting for.

Did you take the steps below to get where you are? If you did, just know that in the search for your self, the ubiquitous selves are standing together and they are not going to tolerate it anymore.

  1. Honesty is not always the best policy. Call in sick when you’re not sick.
  2. Opportunity! Overextend yourself in all aspects of your life, so that you fuck someone over at least once a day.
  3. Faith! Exaggerate your qualifications for every job you apply at. And when you find out a month into the job that you can’t really keep up, let others pick up the slack…”The rest will come my darling”
  4. Be spontaneous! Book a one-way ticket to another country, forcing your coworkers to deal with your missed shifts. As you have your blinders up you won’t have to acknowledge that your actions:
    a.) Required ‘others’  to work past their bodily capacities.
    b.) And those ‘others’ will not get the time off they requested before you. But This is O.K because your life is more important than their proletarian existence.
    c.) The shift your corporate job employs you to show up at couldn’t be covered at such last notice so everyone had to hustle even harder than they already do. (But that kind of hustle is worthless because you work for yourself! (sort of)).

Build your empire. Alienate everyone. There is no in between. But at the end of the day  the people you afflict don’t matter, and the things they say about you don’t matter.. you just do you.

Can you see the past, there within the bones of 
their petals? The King stirred not,
 sitting upon the bench, hunched and removed
Knuckles curled rigid beneath chin,
his heart no aim to settle

Beyond the dark halls, the murk and the gloom,
shadowed The garden of dust did lay, 
untended with weed and regret
The soil cracked, parched as his lips,
without the tears and rain
Shriveled beneath the moments of lust,
trust Now the petals dried, flaked, crumbled
Nothing now but rust clinging to root in vain
…Removed to his own council,
within his hour of greed
The consequences of need, and arrogant seed
Buried beneath soil too parched to take hold.

-The Mad King’s Garden

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