khwaykhway, or, new skin

first nations once wrapped their dead
and placed them on raised platforms
offering the corpse of the one who had passed
to sky, to wind and rain
perhaps it is best then
that we offer these captured moments
in the same way
project them across the southeast sky
(why let history keep these? they are our moments
this is our tapestry
she has no right to them
the concrete of the streets here
carries pieces of ash from the great fire
like a scar that reminds you
of your foolishness)
an attempt, maybe, to resurrect
these moments, a refusal to let them
be only “archival material”
like history in the movies
always a dusty tone to be consulted
no, we shout these moments across the now
push them back into our bloodstream
make ourselves new masks, new khwaykhway
with moments for eyeholes
to look out at the burning world
Mariner Janes 

Like many, I am so ready to say so long to 2016. Love yourself, and bring that love to others. Happy New Year everyone.

Artist: Maurizio Di Lorio 

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